Jareth… Biggest new voice on the scene?

Jareth is a 23 year old singer from North West London. Her distinctive style and powerful voice has already captivated audiences during her impromptu performances around London, including in The Tate Modern and on the Millennium Bridge. These spontaneous mini-shows were captured on camera and form a series of viral videos she launches this Summer, alongside covers of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Bruno Mars ‘Billionaire’, Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex Factor’ and Sunshine Anderson’s ‘Heard it all Before’.

When she isn’t surprising art-lovers at the Tate, Jareth has performed at YOYO’s (Formerly Notting Hill Arts Club), Soho’s Revue Bar, Rhythm Factory and T-fest (Grays beach, Essex) to name a few and she has worked with a number of established acts such as Sway, Ty, Scorcher and most recently, Professor Green. She’s currently in the studio working on a new track with female MC Lioness which is to go viral later this month.

Full of rich Jazz and Soul, Jareth’s voice beams with confidence and character and her delivery is punchy with pizzaz and attitude. Her songwriting talent is undeniable, it’s honest and endearing, and she’s fiercely protective of her creative process. With several studio tracks already written and recorded, including ‘Girl in the Mirror’, ‘Addicted to Drums’ and ‘SunSoak’, all of which can be heard on http://soundcloud.com/jarethonline. Jareth will launch her first official single campaign later this year.

She’s currently being backed by Flawless Music, a new independent label, and management company whose MD – an A&R for Gary Barlow’s Future records (Universal) – first scouted Jessie J, Bluey Robinson and Loick Essien.

What do you think?

xo 🙂


2 responses to “Jareth… Biggest new voice on the scene?

  1. wow .. she sound sooo fresh… !!

    love this

  2. wow .. she sounds sooo fresh… !!

    love this

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