First Place…

Originally hailing from Bristol, UK Urban pop group First Place is comprised of charismatic front man Yomi Davies, stunning sultry soul singer Allegra, 19-year-old rapper Frenzee and renowned producer/writer OD Hunte. Their debut single ‘The Best of Me’, already selected as ‘Song as the Day’ by Pop Justice, is released in May.

OD Hunte has previously worked with artists including Leona Lewis, Unkle Jam, Natalia Druyts, Leela James and Javine Hylton, while his music has been heard on films and television programmes such as American Pie 6, The Hills and The Osbournes and his cutting-edge urban sound has earned him platinum accreditation and industry respect.

Rapper Frenzee, tipped as “Britain’s next urban music superstar” by the Urban Music Awards has supported rapper Tinie Tempah and his lyrics have been credited with bringing a positive outlook to British rap.

Check out their debut single below,

xo 🙂


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