MTV’s Best 10 UK MC’s of 2010…

Take a deep breath, and release. Prepare yourself for a controversial discussion into the UK Hip Hop and Grime scene of last year. Thats right, MTV Base brings us, the Best of the Best Top 10 UK MC’s of 2010. This programme is the first of its kind and pulls together industry specialists such as Chantelle Fiddy (Mix Mag), Logan Sama (Kiss 100), Raw Kwame, Hattie Collins (Editor of RWD Mag) and is presented by BBC 1xtra’s, Vis. In an hour long broadcast (with extended discussions and interviews to be posted on MTV soon), we saw the music junkies debate as to who deserves to be placed in the Top 10 list.

Artists were not chosen down to pure talent or personal favourites, the panel were given a list of certain criteria the MC’s had to meet: buzz, impact, MC-ing, acclaim, swagger. It was up to the panelists to chose their top MC’s and then the scores were all added together and averaged to give each MC their spot in the Top 10 list.

So, who came where in the list you might be asking? Well, before I get into it, make sure you’re ready to take it in, here we go…

10 Chipmunk AND Lowkey
9 D Double E
8 P Money
7 Devlin
6 Giggs
5 Wiley
4 Professor Green
3 Skepta
2 Dizzee Rascal
1 Tinie Tempah


Obviously everything that I write here, is my personal opinion. You might not agree with it and the person next to you might not either but I’m still gonna say. To me, this list was not properly thought about. I think its very mixed up in the sense that some acts are there clearly because of success, some definitely deserve to be there, and some…yeh.

Lets take Chipmunk and Lowkey for example. I think that putting these two artists BOTH at 10th place already shows the problems with the list. Both artists are completely different and in a sense, quite hard to compare because of that. Nobody can ever take away the success that Chipmunk has had. He’s gone from underground, to worldwide. And Lowkey. Well, lyrically he’s amazing. YouTube ‘Alphabet Assassin’ and tell me he isn’t a clever guy. Lowkey and Chipmunk are both in completely different situations. Chipmunk is signed to a major and has a whole machine behind him. He’s collaborated with Chris Brown and most recently, Trey Songs. Lowkey is an independent artist who writes about some very wordly issues that not many people actually like to bring up. By the age of 20 he had toured Europe and collaborated with some of the best. So success wise, both have done very well but just in two completely different ways. But who was the better MC in 2010?! You tell me!

I think that a factor that was forgotten about in the poll was the fact that it was meant to be about the Best MC in 2010. That doesn’t mean best MC ever. It doesn’t mean who’s done more for the scene. And it certainly doesn’t mean that if you wasn’t on the list, you’re a very poor MC, who’s tracks are a shambles and that you should give up. It simply means, you might not have put out a lot of music in 2010 whereas other artists had.

I know I’m not sticking to the order of the list but oh well. On to Tinie Tempah. And in all honesty, I do think that 2010 was 100% his year so he deserves to be placed in the top spot. He had one of, if not the best song of the year last year and has gone from strength to strength since. Going from practically unknown, to having a number 1, 2 Brit Awards, collaborating with Ellie Goulding, JLS and Kelly Rowland, Tinie took the music industry by storm!

I’m happy to see Devlin on the list, as 2010 was the year a lot more people got to know his name and it gave them a heads up on what to expect in the year to come. Giggs made the list. Again, I’m glad to see him on it. It’s good to see artists like Giggs, P Money and D Double on the list especially considering the amount of radio play/chart success that they haven’t had.

Here comes something a bit more controverisial. There was an orginal list, and there was the list that we’ve all seen. The original list was missing two of our major UK MC’s. Which one’s were they you might ask? Chipmunk and Dizzee Rascal. Wretch 32 and Maxsta were actually on the original list. It wasn’t until the day before filming, that the last minute changes were added due to ‘pressure’. This ‘pressure’ in itself proves the problems with the list.

In my opinion, I think whoever was put in the list would of caused some kind of controversy. However, I don’t feel the list was put together in a fair way and there wasn’t enough emphasis placed on the fact that the poll was talking about the MC’s in 2010 and NOT about their entire careers and what they have and haven’t done for themselves and the scene around them.

A few artists that I would of liked to see on the list include Ghetts, who I feel had one of the best mixtapes out last year and is one of the BEST MC’s we have. Wretch 32 is once again, one of the most clever lyricalists we have and he worked on the huge mixtape with Chipmunk, ‘More Fun’. Akala, Dot Rotten, Lioness could all possibly be in there too. But once again, it comes down to how specific the criteria is.

What do you guys think of the list? Who would you add and who would you leave out? Let me know!

xo 🙂


11 responses to “MTV’s Best 10 UK MC’s of 2010…

  1. I completely agree with everything you have said in this. couldn’t agree more to be quite honest. Taking wretch off the list was just out of order, not putting ghetts and other MC’s who practically live in the studio (an expression) was just unfair. But hey, what can we say, one man’s worst is another man’s best. There can never be a list that all will agree on as we all have different views.

  2. my opinion:

    10. Double S\Scorcher
    9. P Money
    8. Professor Green
    7. Lowkey
    6. Chipmunk
    5. Devlin
    4. Ghetts\Skepta
    3. Tinie Tempha
    2. Wiley
    1. Wretch 32 (hes just a genius)

  3. 10 jme
    9 p money
    8 lowkey
    7 giggs
    6 wiley
    5 skepta
    4 tinie tempah
    3 devil
    2 wretch 32
    1 ghetts

  4. I agree. Love Lowkey not so keen on Chip .

  5. I do agree that they haven’t thought this list through properly. Tbh I don’t think Chipmunk should be on the list.
    In my opinion it would be;

    10. Professor Green

    9. Scorcher

    8. D Double E

    7. Ghetts

    6. Giggs

    5. Wiley

    4. Tinie Tempah ( just to his success & his amazing album )

    3. Devlin

    2. Wretch 32

    1. Lowkey;
    This guy is amazing & I think should be recognized a hell a lot more! )

  6. Soz dude but for me Tinie had a superb 2010. Deserves no 1.
    Agree with you that Wretch 32 should be up there too.
    Ghetts deserves a spot too.

  7. I think most people would agree that LOWKEY deserves to the somewhere in the top 5 …
    he isn’t signed to a major music label and has done EXTREMELY well independently ..
    i think most people have forgotten what Mc-ing actually is …
    i think this list is pathetic and so is the criteria which s based upon .. such as swagger, acclaim, buzz etc .. Mc-ing is about LYRICAL and vocal representational skill NOT SWAGGER?! …
    i personallt think someone has PURPOSELY put Lowkey and Chipmunk joint 1oth – it’s all planned an done to create HATRED … LOWKEY DOESN’T EVEN COMPARE TO CHIPMUNK ? <— thiss dude can't even rap?!

  8. 10. Lowkey
    9. Lowkey

  9. 1- Ghetts
    2- Skepta
    3- Giggs
    4- Wretch32
    5- Scorcher
    8- G-Frsh
    10-Lil Narstie

  10. Im from the states, and I wouldn’t even know the existence of British rappers if it wasn’t for Lowkey, that speaks for his success. As for his lyricism, you all should be ashamed of yourselves not to rate him #1. Few American rappers can compare to Lowkey’s lyricism. You’re pathetic.

  11. Lowkey. most brit rappers suck ( no offense lol).

    This guy compares to Nas, Tupac , Immortal tech, none of the other brits are near Nas’ level.

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