Hyperfranks Volume Control…

01.01.11 saw the launch of Hyperfranks new project- Volume Control! (If you don’t know who Hyperfrank is and you love your grime, be sure to click HERE to check out her page) Ok so, she has teamed up with Boxfresh and Roundhouse to create something that we’ve not really seen before. We all love music right? And we all have out own opinion about what we wanna see, well ‘Volume Control’ gives US to chance to create what we wanna hear!

Each edition, they will pick out one artist and give us three beats to choose from. It is then our choice to choose the beat that we wanna hear the artist jump onto. The winner is then scooted off to RoundHouse studios and there we have it- the track that we wanted to hear!

Whats the point of this you ask? Well it allows us to have more say into what we wanna hear, it gives less known (but still extremley talented) producers the opportunity to work with well known artists and we could be creating some really good and diverse music through it!

The first edition is starring none other than Dot Rotten. And its YOUR choice to stick him on Dizzee’s ‘Wheel’, Darq E Freaker’s grime remix of Spooky’s Spartan or Nottinghams BeatGeeks, ‘Nightmare’. Make sure you click HERE to cast your vote NOW!



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