Spotlyte TV…

Ok so its New Years Eve and I’m about to get a bit emotional on you all so scroll down quickly if you’re not interested…

About 3 months ago, Emily and I created Spotlyte TV. Just for a bit of fun really. Both into music. Like filming. Work well together. So we thought we’d give it a go. Not knowing that I’d be sitting here now thinking about the opportunities we’ve been given and the amazing time we’ve had. Thinking that nobody would watch it but ourselves, over 10,000 views later we’re excited to enter a new year and have big ideas and things planned.

So for you that don’t know much about Spotlyte TV, I thought I’d fill you in briefly now. We like to put the Spotlyte on both current and unsigned, upcoming UK artists. We’ve got interviews with the likes of Griminal, Ghetts, Skepta, Mz Bratt, Baby Blue, KOF, Janiece Myers, Kozzie, Jaja Soze and many more. We’ve also got exclusive freestyles and performances from some of these artists too!

If you know anyone that would like to star on Spotlyte TV, please contact us through Twitter or our email. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, blog and follow us on Twitter for all the latest in what we’re doing!

Just wanna say a HUUUUUGE thankyou to every single one of you that have supported whether that means watching the interviews, helping set them up, or simply sharing the links- we wouldn’t have come this far without you!

New year now. We’re only looking to expand the Spotlyte and bring you the best talent that the UK has- and yes that means not just London artists 😉

xo 🙂


One response to “Spotlyte TV…

  1. Fabulous year for Spotlyte TV. What you’ve achieved is remarkable with nothing but your incredible drive and enthusiasm pushing you onwards and upward. 2011 should be even better. We Brits are leaders in music and Spotlyte TV has showcased the amazing talent we currently have. Let’s hear it for the girls. Let’s hear it for British talent. One massive big up to Spotlyte TV. The future is bright

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