Chris Brown vs. Raz B…

So last night Twitter witnessed a whole lot of drama between Chris Brown and B2K’s Raz-B. Over the last year there has been a lot of arguing and sending between artists, but this has to of been one of the most talked about.

Raz-B has been tweeting about his infactuation with Rhianna and then tweeted, ‘Im just sittin here Thinking how can n*ggas like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna’.
And it alllll kicked off from here. My first point to make- if you don’t want all the drama, why would you actually send this to Chris Brown, why would you not just state your opinion and hope he doesn’t see it.

We’ve not actually seen a lot about how Breezy reacts when the whole Rhianna situation is brought up, but he sure let it out last night. As unnecessary as it was from both sides, it was entertaining none the less.

Breezy ending up tweeting back comments such as ‘This argument lasted longer than your career @razb2k’ and ‘@razb2k n**ga you want attention! Grow up n**ga! D*** in da booty a** lil boy.’

And as usual, the argument got blown out of proportion and homophobia and race was brought into it.

Raz B later tweeted, ‘yo @chrisbrown i heard about all yo BoyFriends & tell yo cheerleader @1omarion 2 shut the fuck up b4 i send J BOOG 2 fuck HIS MaMa again’

To be honest though, I don’t think it was needed for Raz B to even make his statement in the first place. But hey, it did keep me entertained for a while! After all the arguing, Raz B ended up gaining over 20,000 new followers on Twitter. What celebs do for a bit of publicity eh?

xo 🙂


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