The King’s Dispute…

Wiley is without a doubt the artist who causes the most controversy on the scene. Nobody can argue about what he’s done for the scene. He’s had numberous deals and management teams behind him over the years and yet time after time they don’t seem to understand what Wiley is really about.

He’s an artist who makes a huge amount of music and wants to get the music out to the public as soon as. He wants to get HIS music out there, he has a vision of what his music should be like, but no management team seem to understand this and seem to give him the freedom wo do what he does.

So after another dispute with his current management team it seems that he’s once again a free agent. So yet again, us Twitter folk got another BIG download from the Grime Godfather himself.

He put a track up for free download called, ‘Paper’. Produced by Nightwatch, this is the track Wiley wanted to have as the lead for his album which was due in 2011.

Download the track, the instrumental and the acapella from the links below!

Wiley – ‘Paper’

Wiley – ‘Paper’ (Acapella)

Wiley – ‘Paper’ (Instrumental)

xo 🙂


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