Ironik Stabbed!…

No doubt you’ve all heard of Ironik. I’ve been listening to him from way back when he was the ‘King’ of MySpace’. To date he’s had two Top 5 singles and a Top 3 debut album. His latest single which has just been released is called ‘Falling In Love’ and features the lovely Jessica Lowndes from 90210.

On Saturday, Ironik was stabbed when on his way home in an attempt to steal his jewellery. He was stabbed at the top of his leg, got sent to hospital and has now been discharged and is resting up. As soon as somebody tweeted from his page that he was stabbed, rumours started flying around about everything- including that he had died.

Ignore what you’ve been reading about, his management have released an OFFICIAL statement about what happened,

“Ironik was attacked and stabbed in the early hours of Saturday morning during an attempted robbery whilst returning to his home in North London. He was stabbed in his upper leg, taken to hospital and is currently being treated. He is understandably shaken up by this unprovoked attack.”

Ironically (no pun intended 😉 ), he’s an active campaigner for anti-knife crime, taking part in the ‘Stop Knives, Save Lives’ campaign and march, and performing at numerous anti-knife concerts around the country. Events like this taking place just proves it can happen to anyone at anytime. Understandably, Ironik is shaken up by this event. He tweeted earlier, ‘Why do I feel safer on stage then in my own living room?…’ The thought knowing that he was attacked near his home not only causes concern for his own safety but also the rest of his family.

I wish him a speedy recovery and as well as everyone else out there, I’m glad the stabbing wasn’t any worse.

Think before you act. Is it really worth ruining someones life? Think about all the people around that person too… It’s not ‘big’, it’s just silly.

Get well soon,

xo 🙂


One response to “Ironik Stabbed!…

  1. The youth of today and knives.
    There is enough crap going on in the world without the increasing knife crime.
    Throw away your knives. Just live your lives.
    You only get one stab at it (no pun intended).

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