Roll Deep’s Third Strike?…

If there’s any group to come out of the UK in full force this year, it has to be Roll Deep.

Two tracks in, two number one hits. A summer touring the craziest cities. Performing at shows and festivals. Being on the Orange Rockcorps charity single. Lets just say its definitely gonna be a year to remember for the Roll Deep boys.

After ‘Good Times’ and ‘Green Light’ stormed the charts, it now seems the lads could have yet ANOTHER number 1 smash on their hands. This time, the collective have teamed up with Ms Alesha Dixon to create the storm that is ‘Take Control’.

Roll Deep have certainly sussed the formula to create a big track and this track doesn’t disappoint. Alesha’s vocals sound amazing on this too.

Looking forward to seeing what they all bring in the video and to hear the rest of their album, ‘Winner Stays On’ which is released on 1st November.

What do you think? Is it gonna be third time lucky for these guys? Or should they take what they’ve been given so far and be happy?

xo 🙂


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