xoTashaa On DizDanglez…

Diz Danglez is a 26 year old rapper from Gloucester who is fast set on taking over the scene. With a lot of focus on up-and-coming artists from London, he’s here to show that its all about the music from around the UK. I spoke to Diz Danglez to see what he had to say about his music and the state of the UK music scene.

Diz Danglez is known for having a lot to say and not having the ability to hold it all in, ‘I’m not trying to take over, or get number 1’s in the charts. All I want is for people to listen to my music and support what I do. Because what I’m talking about is real, and real people can relate!’

In 2000 he started out DJ-ing under the name ‘DJ Ultra’ and then he moved onto spitting on grime tracks. In 2007 Diz Danglez was locked up for 17 months and as soon as he was out he jumped on to the hip hop vibe. He says he likes the music from and is inspired by artists such as Original Dipset, DBlock, Youngsta, Vybz Kartel and Giggs who is definitely doing his thing for UK music right now! Since 2008, he’s brought out a number of mixtapes but he admits that he doesn’t think he’s given it 100% yet. He’s said that as of now, he’s going to going 100% hard, ‘Don’t sleep on me!’

The UK scene this year has grown so much and has finally claimed its place in the charts like we’ve all been waiting for. When I asked DizDanglez about what he thinks of the UK scene at the moment he said, ‘Honestly its not a UK scene much! It’s a London scene. And I can only see it being like that for now.’

With all the good feedback and growing fanbase things seem to be moving on up for DizDanglez as he is now set to be supporting Tinchy Stryder and Skepta in his hometown of Gloucester on the 23rd July! Click HERE to check out more details for the show and buy your tickets!

Already this year he’s dropped three mixtapes: ‘Diz V. Science’, ‘Mixtape Neek’ and the most recent one, ‘Immortal Piff’. As a late birthday present he asked for you all to go and download his mixtapes- all for free obviously! Click on the mixtape names above to download them and help support!

DizDanglez is also part of ‘the T.E.A.M’. ‘We’re not really a rap crew as such. We’re three guys who roll with each other that rep the same team if that makes sense. Its like we play different positions on the music pitch! Its more three guys putting different skills together.’ The T.E.A.M is made up of his rapping brother Multiple Skills who has crazy punchlines, Science who is ‘the biggest younger I know’ and of DizDanglez himself. The T.E.A.M are currently working on a mixtape which they’re hoping will be around by the end of the year but they’re all still working on their own stuff. Check them out on YouTube!

Have a listen to ‘The Problem’,

At the end of the interview I asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, ‘Shout yourself out in your blog, and for supporting UK music, and music full stop!’ Thanks 🙂 lol.

And don’t forget to check out his Official Music Page, www.iDanglez.wordpress.com, for updates and follow him on Twitter!

Keep supporting UK music!

xo 🙂


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  1. Diz get’s promotion lol…… and girls …… ahha

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