Skepta’s ‘Turkish Tuesdays’…

With his single ‘Bad Boy’ storming the charts and reaching number 26 independently, then having P Diddy tweet him saying that they should work together on a grime remix of the track ‘Hello Good Morning’, you could say that Skepta has had a pretty big year so far. On top of that, his latest single ‘Rescue Me’, has had a huge amount of radio play already and isn’t even released until June 27th so things are looking good for this track too.

All day Skepta has been on Twitter talking about ‘Turkish Tuesdays’ and he has finally revealed what its all about. Check out his new track ‘Oynama Sikidim Sikidim’ which definitely has the Turkish vibe to it…

Any thoughts on this track? Yes its different from his latest work and yes its an unexpected change but do you like it? I do. I like the change and I know its going to be a track that everyone catches onto. Got a good vibe to it!

Keep supporting and remember to buy ‘Rescue Me’ on June 27th!

xo 🙂


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