Tinchy Stryder and Jay-Z!…

2010 has no doubt been a BIG year for UK music so far. With more artists breaking in the US than before and real UK music hitting the top of the charts and it still continues to grow. The latest news includes Tinchy Stryder and none other than Mr Jay-Z.

Yesterday on Twitter Tinchy Stryder posted about going on a trip to meet ‘someone’ and later Tweeted saying, ‘Making power Moves Out here!!… Jus Finalised a Label deal with Powerful Men, artists holla @ me!! ;)… Black Clouds^^^’

The 23 year old rapper from London is due to release his third studio album in November and already has his own publishing and clothing line. Speaking to the ‘Daily Star’ he said, “I’m still focused on the UK and not losing touch with my roots, but I want to take on the world as well.”

It turns out he met Jay-Z yesterday in Manchester to secure the deal. The pair have joined forces to launch music company ‘Takeover Roc Nation’ to break new talent. The new company is a combination of Jay-Z’s world famous ‘Roc Nation’ and Tinchy’s management company ‘Takeover’. Tinchy Stryder along with his management will be running this new company in Europe signing new artists to Sony Music.

Big things happening. Wonder who Tinchys looking to sign?

xo 🙂


One response to “Tinchy Stryder and Jay-Z!…

  1. Thats a really good look

    Lets hope he doesn’t end up like lady sovereign

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