N-Dubz have an exciting time coming up for them. They’ve just released their new video ‘Say Its Over’, are rehearsing for their tour which is due to start in the next couple of weeks and last but not least- their looking to move to LA to sign a deal with none other than ‘Def Jam’.

The trio from North London were invited over to LA to have a meeting with label boss LA Reid but things didn’t always go to plan. The first time they planned to go there were problems with Dappy getting his visa due to his criminal record, then they couldn’t fly over because of the snow and then LA Reid was double booked. N-Dubz didn’t let this put them off meeting the label responsible of artists such as Rhianna and Ne-Yo, so putting all this aside Dappy and Tulisa eventually made it over there and the meeting is said to have been very successful. So successful that the band are reportedly looking for apartments in LA so they can move out there and concentrate on cracking America.

Tulisa has said, ‘They say, ‘Oh the Americans won’t get it’, but how do they know if they haven’t heard it yet? It’s about labels taking the risk and we think they’ll love us over there.’ And Dappy thinks that the key to cracking America is doing a collab with a big US star…hmm, any ideas of who they could team up with?

So it looks like N-Dubz are going to try and follow in the footsteps of Estelle, Jay Sean and Taio Cruz to in over America. I hope it works out for them!

Check out their new video for ‘Say Its Over’ and behind the scenes footage of their next video ‘Na Na’…

xo 🙂


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