Charice ft. Iyaz ‘Pyramid’

Have you heard of Charice? You could call her an internet phenomenon. Filipino born Charice Pempengco rose to fame through YouTube.

She’s had no form of professional vocal training and has spent her life entering as many vocal competitions as she could. When this didn’t go to plan she started posting video’s of her performances on YouTube and this is when it all clicked into place for her.

Have a listen to her latest single featuring Iyaz, ‘Pyramid’,

Charice is only 17 years old and she has an amazing voice. I really like the sound of her.

Any thoughts?

xo 🙂


7 responses to “Charice ft. Iyaz ‘Pyramid’

  1. Love it!!
    The song is great. I love the Music Video too, it shows how much Charice is enjoying herself. We need more singers like that and not to mention she is a great live singer.

    From London

  2. Awesome song!

    Thanks for writing about Charice but it’s actually a Fan named FalseVoice who posted her videos.

    They were most likely too poor to buy a computer… and the number one reason why she entered those vocal competitions is to help put food on the table for her family, which consisted of her single mom and little brother. So basically, she honed her vocal skills for survival.

    She didn’t win many of those competitions, despite her amazing talent, because she wasn’t considered a “pretty” girl. She didn’t have the looks the producers wanted. But that only gave her the determination to work harder, to CARRY ON with a belief – a belief that dreams one day will come true.

    Charice is such an inspiration. The reason why she captures hearts and imagination is because she is the Ultimate Underdog.

  3. The vocals in Pyramid are so smooth. It’s comfort food for my ears.

  4. ..

    Ohh Ohhh Ohh woo Hoohh !!

    Charice Pyramid … is really awesone !! thanks xoTashaa for sharing Charice on your blog !!! would love to see more of you & your Charice blogs

  5. Hey!!! This is a very nice read on Charice!!! Thank you for featuring her on your blog!

  6. I love Pyramid!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  7. Thanks for blogging about her! I’ve always been a fan since I first heard her. And “Pyramid” such an ear candy….

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