Gracious K’s New Single…

‘Man I Said Show Meee, How You Get Downnn, Man I Said Sweearrr Down’

No doubt you’ve all heard of Gracious K. He’s responsible for probably the biggest UK funky house song there is.

So, after the big success he had with ‘Migraine Skank’ he’s back.

Gracious K has done what I haven’t really seen a lot of other artists do. On this track he’s teamed up with producer DaVinChe and together they’ve gone for a whole different look. Nowadays artists tend to stick to what they’re known and loved for but are then slated for not branching out. Yet when they do try to do something a bit different, once again you always get the ones that don’t think they should.

The new single is called ‘Casio’. Its got a completely different sound to ‘Migraine Skank’- probably a sound you never thought you’d hear from him. Unlike a lot of the other MC’s who’ve had hits with their UK funky single, Gracious K has proved he isn’t a one-hit wonder.

Have a listen for yourself,

I like it. Its good to see artists try something new and come out with something to surprise everyone. After all, who wants to hear the same thing over and over?
What do you think? Should he stick to funky? Are you liking his new sound?

xo 🙂


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