Some Boyss…

Ok so this post is going completelyyyy off topic but I need to have a rant so here it goes.

Today has NOT been a good day for me and the male species at all, some of them are so annoying and make me feel horrible.

So I’m walking past a group of bus drivers by the station who are all probably between 40-60 and they all start staring and muttering things about me. Then I’m trying to rush away and nearly have a heartattack because some huge lorry just beeped me. Thennn I get to the train station and as the tube pulls in the driver starts making dodgy faces at me. Then I’m back on a bus and sitting there minding my own business and again someone makes me jump. A couple of boys decide to hit the window im sitting next to and are smiling at me all wierd.

Seriously I don’t know what some boys think of when they act like this around girls. Do they think it makes us feel nice? It actually doesn’t. Sometimes it makes me feel really horrible and some of them can really freak us out.

And then when it comes to raving. Me and my girls DON’T get all dressed up for you guys. We get dressed up to feel good and have a good night. Just because we’re dancing, it doesn’t mean we want some random guy attached to us throughout the wholleee night. When we don’t dance back with them, they think we think we’re too nice or just rude yet if we do dance with you but don’t want to give our number out then hey its just back to us thinking we’re too nice again.

The worst thing is when some guy asks for your number is when you say you’ve got a boyfriend and they say that we can just be friends. You blatently know thats not going to happen.

Anyway how would you like it if your girl was dancing with every guy in the club, giving her number out all the time even to guys to be ‘just friends’? Yeh didn’t think so.

Anddd, I’m sorry but you really can’t come into where we work and try get our number. We’re working- not the right place at allll and if you’re gonna just come in and hover around, stare and make comments everytime we walk past please don’t. You look kind of out of place when your standing in the middle of a womens shop on your own…

Some boys really need to re-think the way they act around us because it can make us feel so bad.

Hmm yeh so rant over. Sorry just had to get that off my chest 🙂

xo 🙂


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