One of the Funniest Moments EVER…

Wow so this is actually going to go down in history for me.
It might end up being one of them things that you have to be there to understand fully how funny it was but I’m gonna do my best trying to explain.
We was at Neyo’s afterparty dancing away as you do. My friend Paris was dancing with some guy and then all of a sudden *DROP*
I turned around and when I say her legs just gave way, she was sitting flat out on the floor like…

Her legs were just out in front of her like a teddy bear and she was casually sitting on the floor.
Me being me couldn’t stop laughing and my friend managed to catch a picture although its not that clear…

Thennn the thing that tops it alllll off, the guy she was dancing with, lifted her up from behind asked if shes ok and carried on dancing like NOTHING happened.
I swear even to this day I will crack up everyyy time I tell the storyy! 🙂

xo 🙂


One response to “One of the Funniest Moments EVER…

  1. LOOOL omg tashaa i was reading this story and started LAUGHING my head off!! even tho this happened to me, i find it sooo god damn funny!! ahhhh good times 😀
    oh btw LOVE your lil stick women diagram! explains it totally 😀 😀

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