Back To The Topic…

Well my last few posts haven’t really been to do with music so I thought I make up for it by posting a few songs that I’m listening to at the moment…enjoy! πŸ™‚

I loveee the beat to this song, the instrumental version would sound so good.

Liking the look of this video…

Good mix πŸ™‚

She sounds different to her first single, I like it..

Really liking this! His vocals really show in this song..

He’s got a different sound to his music, love this song

Lovee this, his voice sounds amazing!

This song would be maddd in a rave LOL. I like it, sounds really different and like the video!

Don’t really hear of him much but I like his sound..

Really liking this..

Nice voice…

Really good remix, probably better than the original..

Haven’t heard about these in a while but liking the sound of this.

I remember when my friend started blogging last year about funny things he’d see around and I always wanted to do one but never knew what to do it on…wow I’ve not really had a problem with ideas since I’ve not stopped talking on this LOL

Yeh I think I’ve posted way enough now! LOL Enjoy!

xo πŸ™‚


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