NEW MUSIC: Eden Rush – Whitney Houston Tribute

I’ve not posted on my site for a while but thanks to the joys of Twitter I’ve just come across this amazing track. This track is in tribute to the late Whitney Houston who has made music that we all know and love. YouTube is probably full of tribute’s for Whitney but this one especially stands out.

Its by somebody called ‘Eden Rush’ (yes, I’ve not heard of her either and I don’t know where she’s from- but I’m on a mission to find out!), but what I like about this tribute is that its been done in a different way to how its usually done. Beautiful vocals, lovely arrangement and a nice reflection of the power and influence Whitney Houston has had on us.

Check it out, what do you think?

xo 🙂


Get on the #SOUNDCHECK Database…

2012 is here. The next #SOUNDCHECK event is in the midst of planning. And let me tell you, its getting bigger and better. With the last event a complete roadblock, coverage from MTV, MOBO’s, Flava Magazine, LIVE Magazine and special celebrity guests in attendance, the next event can only be even bigger.

Simply fill in your details below, and click ‘Submit’! You’ll be the first to find out about the latest events, you’ll be able to find out how to get involved as an artist, as press or as part of the events team and much more.

It will take you no more than 30 seconds… ready, steady…

I look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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INTERVIEW: xoTashaa on Mz Bratt (MOBO TV)

MOBO TV went down to Atlantic Records to interview the lovely Mz Bratt. We spoke about the Pastry Tour with Angela and Vanessa Simmons, nearly falling off cliffs shooting videos, her musical relationship with Terror Danjah and her latest single, ‘Tear It All Down’. Check out who she said she’d snog, marry or avoid too…

You can check out all of the MOBO TV interviews at!

xo 🙂

NEW VIDEO: RoxXxan ‘THUNDER BAY’ (Freestyle)

RoxXxan is no stranger to the UK music scene. She’s known as one of the strongest female MC contenders and this is before we’ve even heard what she’s really about yet. RoxXxan has featured on various remixes (Remember the Female ‘Game Over’ Refix?) and had a lot of people giving her a lot of credit and this is all before she’s even had any kind of major campaign. I know that in 2012 she’s going to be dropping some major tracks. She’s just put out this ‘Thunder Bay’ freestyle which is crazy, and is releasing a mixtape very soon too so keep an eye out for that!

xo 🙂

INTERVIEW: xoTashaa on Lady Leshurr (MOBO TV)

Check out my latest interview for MOBO TV with the UK’s answer to Busta Rhymes… the lovely Lady Leshurr. She talks haters, getting flown to New York, nearly taking a drop on stage and being star struck by Ms Dynamite!

xo 🙂

NEW VIDEO: Josh Osho ‘JESUS WALKS’ (Kanye West Cover)

Wow. Is all I really need to say to be honest. For everyone that knows me, they’d already know how much I have been championing the amazing talent that is Josh Osho. Every time I hear him sing, I know that we’re getting closer to the time that he’s going to blow. If you get a chance to catch him performing live make sure you head down, but for now, check out his cover to Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’.

So amazing. Enjoy.

xo 🙂

NEWS: Jamal Edwards (SBTV) Gets Slapped By Alan Carr

This has to be the FUNNIEST video clip I’ve seen for a long time. As part of a new series on SBTV, celebrities are filmed telling us their favourite joke.

Alan Carr is one of the first celebs to be involved in this and boy oh boy, he definitely suprised everyone!

Watch the video below to see Jamal Edwards getting slapped by Mr Chatty Man!

xo 🙂